The Social Network Movie Release

“Why did they make a movie about Facebook? It’s just Facebook.” college junior watching trailers for “The Social Network”

Facebook. Is it just Facebook? Or, is Facebook something bigger than Facebook? How will “The Social Network” profile the business of communication – and capture the spirit of our time?

UPDATE 10.01.10 Today the movie comes out in the US. Thanks to Roland Lindner, a business correspondent for Germany’s FAZ
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,
for interviewing me about the movie. I was also interviewed by a Polish journalist. And, now let’s interview you – what did you think about the movie?

On October 1, “The Social Network” premieres in theaters. I first heard about this movie from an independent film producer who predicted social networking in movies would be a trend to watch. That was about a year ago. Now that the film’s release is a few months away, the first trailers are out this week – as are the preview reviews. Says The Social Network is Worth Watching

The much-hyped movie, “The Social Network”, which is a sensationalized version of the history of Facebook, has landed on the web. While not much more is revealed in the latest trailer, there’s a number of actual clips from the movie included in this video preview. It’s clearly aiming to be a dramatic movie and it’s actually looking like something worth watching. While Facebook is concerned about drawing negative publicity to the company, the clips don’t appear to be too damaging, although they definitely are drama-filled.
Source: Full Trailer for The Social Network Arrives

IMDB links to over 700 stories

IMDB fans can check out “The Social Network” on IMDB.
Did you know IMDB links to a new desk? Here’s where to find over 700 stories about “The Social Network.

The Social Network Trailer

Scored by Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails composed the score. Mashable calls him the “king of internet controversy.”

The Social Network Opens at The New York Film Festival

“The Social Network” was chosen to open the New York Film Festival on September 24.

““It’s exceptionally rare to discover a film that so powerfully captures the spirit of its time; The Social Network is such a film. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin are a director/writer team, like [Sidney] Lumet and [Paddy] Chayefsky before them, that make this movie not only of the moment, but reflective of larger cultural issues as well, and confirm their position at forefront of contemporary cinema,” says Richard Peña, Selection Committee Chair & Program Director, The Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Last month, I taught a Facebook class. Three days before class started, one of my students heard about Facebook for the first time. How do you think this movie will raise awareness about social networks?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile says, “I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share.” Who do you think this movie is really about?

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