2009 Predictions Collection: Branding, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing

It all started, for me, when Junta 42 asked their top bloggers to predict what they think will happen with social media and content in 2009. So I put together my short list of the

Top 10 2009 Social Media and Content Predictions

1. Short: Twitter bursts conversations

2. Visual: YouTube channels content

3. Graphic: Images supplant words

4. Multi: Diversity stands out

5. Mobile: Texts buzz word of mouth

6. Stories: Tell me something good

7: PRx2: Public relations meets page rank

8. Music: Can you corporate Karaoke?

9. iPhone: App, app and away

10. Search: Precisely matched

and then I posted it as a comment because I missed the deadline.

After reading what everyone on Junta42 had to say, I went on a search to find other 2009 predictions.

The Flack’s Notable 2009 Predictions is a good place to start and covers even more of the lists than you’ll see here.

Many bloggers, including Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, are featuring 2009 marketing predictions from a project started by Peter Kim. Here’s the Social Media 2009 slide show.

Rosalind Gardner recorded this video with her 2009 Affiliate Marketing Predictions.

eMarketer’s 2009 Predictions

Dan Schawbel’s 2009 Personal Branding Predictions

Top Seven Social Media Predictions for India for 2009

Sparkpr’s London Tech Panel 2009 Predictions

2009 Internet Marketing Predictions from Michelle Mac Phearson

Is next year far enough away to see the future? Internetnews.com predicts 95% communication of enterprise communication will be IM – in 2012 –and social networks as a distinct product category will disappear. Interesting . . . .

Have a 2009 prediction list you’d like to recommend? How do see branding, marketing. PR and social media changing – or staying the same – in 2009?

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