New Decade, New Digital Ideas

So, where is all this digital stuff going?

Edelman’s Digital team gives us a preview of their opinion of what’s to come in their recently released white paper, Digital Visions: Ten Ideas for the New Decade.

The bigger opportunity for clients, we believe, is to identify the global societal and technological trends that are reshaping how we think, act and buy – and to pivot into them early. Trends today tend to develop more slowly and are harder to see, allowing clients to take a more thoughtful, thorough and systematic approach. Steve Rubel, Edelman

A collection of essays from thought leaders, it’s worth reading. And, Steve’s quote is really what it’s all about. While convincing businesses to invest in or even think about infusing digital into their business was almost impossible even a year ago, now it’s a conversation they not only want to start, it’s an area they want to invest in.

Why? In some cases it’s the iPhone. Apps change the way the way businesses run: quicker, in real time, customized, on demand and more accurate. In other cases, it’s search. Being where your customers can find you is no longer optional, it’s critical. For others, it’s an affordable marketing and customer service option that sets up an outpost on a popular place where clients congregate. Now, everyone is starting to get why they need to have a digital profile that wires business, branding, marketing and social.

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What do you think: How is digital impacting your business?

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