MIA PR: when you can’t fill in the blanks because you don’t where they are

Missing Immediate Action – that’s a new term I came up with to describe my frustration with public relations that prevent you from doing what you want to do when you want to do it. MIA damages customer relationships, halts the sales process and short-circuits any progress.

Here’s how MIA happens . . .

– 6 words missing: meet at the [place] at 1:00 p.m. prevents participation in a mission-driven fundraiser

– no one is in the office to take a ticket order, but the office door is open

– a blog template missing every functioning part, except for posting, arrives after a two-month delay

– a newsletter sign up gives an expired call-in code

– broken links pierce a site’s performance

How often have you had experiences just like these? Do you ever ignore your customers or assume they will fill in missing blanks on their own? I have. Unless I walk the same path they do, I’ll never know what they’re missing.

How to fill in the blanks for them . . .

1. include ALL relevant information EVERYWHERE

2. make sure you respond EVERY TIME

3. outsource projects to experts when you don’t have the expertise

4. update, update, update


How has MIA PR prevented you from taking immediate action? What other ways can you improve your public relations and your customer experience?


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