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With the entry deadline looming in just a few hours . . . here’s my MEGA Challenge contest entry. Last year I entered in the Newbie category, this year I’m in the Veterans. The contest is open to all of Alex Mansossian’s Teleseminar Secrets students.  Although the contest calls for a 500-word essay, I chose to break up my entry into specific areas. I went with the press release format to go with the Ultimate PR Secrets theme. Wouldn’t it be cool if UPRS won? Bet the speakers would love that PR!  Wish me luck!

PROJECT PROFILE Project: Ultimate PR Secrets, one of the first ever virtual events to focus on the power of free publicity Producer/Teleseminar Secrets™ Student: Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media Dates: January 15-25, 2007 URLs Opt-in page: http://www.ultimateprsecrets.comConfirmation: Web release: Web release: Blog with posts:  SPEAKERS/TOPIC Dave Lakhani/PR & Persuasion, Jody Colvard/PR & Podcasting, Marc Harty/Web PR Traffic, Rick Frishman/Book & Author PR, Dan Janal/PR & Article Marketing, Jill Lublin/$50K in Free Publicity, Joan Stewart/The Publicity Hound, Al Lautenslager/PR & Guerrilla Marketing RECORDINGS Interview recordings all available online – listen to Al Lautenslager, best-selling author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days and THE Super Bowl Ad expert at  ESSAY/PRESS RELEASE Ultimate PR Secrets Producer Enters Teleseminar Secrets™ MEGA Challenge 
Glen Ellyn, IL – Barbara Rozgonyi, producer of Ultimate PR Secrets – one of the world’s first ever virtual events to focus on public relations, is in the running to win Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets™ MEGA Challenge contest in the “most improved” veteran category. Winners get free access to all future Mark Victor Hansen events – a prize worth over $30,000. 
Just entering the contest is a win for Rozgonyi – and her students, “Every day people make news, but most of the time they don’t know how to promote it. Ultimate PR Secrets introduced the world to eight million dollar PR pros in a free teleseminar series that gives anyone the tools they need to make all the news they want.” Rozgonyi got the idea for the teleseminar series in June 2006 and began contacting speakers in November. “Probably the single most important lesson I’ve learned is the importance of systematizing the process from the concept phase through the event planning and production and marketing down to packaging the interviews and content for sale long after the event is over.” With a tested system is in place, Rozgonyi knows she’s hit on a winning format that works. Rozgonyi will package the Ultimate PR recordings as a bonus for her new publicity training course, Panoramic PR. Now on a roll, Rozgonyi plans to produce at least four more virtual events this year with the goal of becoming a leading resource for expert information on publicity and marketing that works. A mother of three, Rozgonyi says she loves the idea of working from home and being available for her family, her students and her clients.   What do her kids think about the MEGA Challenge? Rozgonyi answers, “They’re the ones who encourage me and motivate me to try something that’s never been done before. Setting an example for them by taking on more than I think I can ever possibly achieve and then figuring out how to make it work drives me to take on new challenges like this one.” For more information, visit   CONTACT INFORMATIONBarbara Rozgonyi, 630.942.9542 office, 630.207.7530 mobile,

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