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Congratulations go out to Dan Safkow on the launch of the Marketing Mindshare Project today. I first met Dan at an Internet marketing seminar in Los Angeles last summer.

Dan introduced me to his Marketing Mindshare product last October and invited me to be one of his faculty members. When you visit the Marketing Mindshare Project site, you’ll see Dan’s booked the best in the business: Stu McLaren, James Roche and Lynn Pierce. Visit the site to find out how to get bonuses from Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and Matt Bacak.

My topic is: How to Transform Your Marketing and Propel Your Visibility with the Power of Free Publicity

Dan’s also the guy behind Logo Your Audio. If you produce teleseminars or have information products on CDs, check out Dan’s customized players as a cool and trendy way to deliver your content with less packaging and production costs.


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