Biggest Big Seminar Takeaways

Someone asked me yesterday about the Big Seminar format. Here’s what I said: speaker, break, speaker, lunch, speaker, break, speaker, dinner, networking.

Then I had to tell them about the overarching theme to give the experience an identifiable framework.

I like to recap my biggest takeaway (from any event) into the smallest possible nugget.

After Customer Appreciation Seminar, I came up with "Monetize" or making money as this seminar’s resounding theme.

For me, the biggest Big Seminar takeaway was "Leverage" – use other people, tools and resources to optimize your traffic, manage your technology, service your customers, ramp up your sales – and yes, monetize your every effort.

Today I invited all the people I met at Big Seminar to post their biggest takeaway here. Everyone can benefit from this information exchange by: leveraging this blog to monetize their business by introducing themselves and their URL.

So, what was your biggest takeaway?

Share your comments below . . .

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