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Ad Age released its first Search Engine Fact Pack in a 52 page .pdf loaded with stats – and a few ads. This report is a search marketing must-download, even if all you’re after is the top 12 SEO strategies on page 38.

In September 2004, the Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce asked me to talk about the future of marketing. At the time, "Blog" was a foreign language term to most of us and SEO was only vaguely familiar. Today, only 30 out of the Fortune 500 companies blog – this statistic comes from page 39 in the report.

Whether you’re an on or offline business, you need to know how your competition is communicating and strategizing online. Reading this report – and taking action – will sharpen your competitive edge.

Check out these preview highlights from Ad Age’s announcement article written by Abbey Klaassen . . .

– 80 % of traffic begins at a search engine
– search marketing will be a $7 billion business this year
– Ad Age began covering search in 1995
– get clued into the top 12 search-engine optimization strategies for 2007
– every Web page has a hotspot – the report show you where to find the top eye-tracking triangle

As the Internet evolves, so should your online marketing strategies. I’ve seen Ad Age’s web site optimization strategies work with this blog. A fresh blog post can show up as a top-ranked result in a Google search within hours – if you tag it right.

My future view? Blogs will become an indispensable marketing/PR tool.

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