WordPress Growing Blog List | Wired PR Works Hits #34/100/899,185

Exactly two weeks ago today this blog, Wired PR Works. weighed in at #77 on the WordPress Growing Blog List. At last count, WordPress hosted 899,185 blogs.

Today, we’re in the top half – Wired PR Works weighs in at number 34 on the WordPress Growing Blog List.

When I told my brother about this, he offered to email all his friends and ask them to click like crazy tomorow. I told him not to – because I like the organic effects of watching the numbers go up without my direct influence.

Truth is, no one in my family reads my blog unless I ask them to. I like it that way, more creative freedom [and less censorship!].

As the comments come in, I’m continually flattered by the people who follow me. As a writer who’s written for audiences that total in the millions, I found it strangely painful and uncomfortable to begin a blog and continue to keep posting. After all, most of the time I’m a ghostwriter.

The preliminary piercing pain’s worn off and given way to an exciting energy that’s fueled by being part of a virtual community. Thanks to everybody who finds their way here to read a thread or two. Congratulations to my Growing Blog List  counterparts. You’re  obviously writing something worth reading!


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