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Now that I’m in the new rules of marketing and PR book, I’m transitioning out of the
traditional approach that’s built on air time and ink.

Sure, it’s great to have TV, radio and print coverage. But, why would you want to contain your campaign to a few minutes,
pages or columns when you can build a sustainable marketing/PR platform online?

I’m seriously thinking about outsourcing or redirecting all requests for traditional press release campaigns.

Here’s why . . .

Competition for editorial space is tight; journalists get inundated with press releases. So much so that many releases get relegated to the deleted files folder.

Pitching the story takes between 3-5 contacts – with every reporter. Although I did read this statistic somewhere else, I can back it up with my own experience. Even though I’m a former telemarketing sales trainer, I still don’t like selling
on the phone-especially to reporters on deadline.

The release is the release is the release. Yes, there still are people out there typing, double-spacing and faxing. I won’t mention names, but one of the top-selling small business marketing books suggests doing just that. That’s so . . . pre-90s.

So, where am I going with all of this?

The way to get fast and long-term attention is to become a publisher of multimedia news releases that you distribute online.

Toss out the bland, inverted triangle and bring in the feature story. Mix in a movie. Add in audio. Jazz it up. Float it online. Watch the search engines crawl all over you.

In short, be direct.

Compare and contrast the two approaches when you read
this week’s article: Typing Press Releases: Traditional Versus New Formats 

Now, go make some news ~



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