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A reader wants to know more about a service called WebWire. Here’s Adan’s comment he wrote on a post that covered news about online news distribution services:

barbara, hi,

i’m very new to this, and this trying to choose which online pr to go with for our first (and hopefully continuing) campaign, and was wondering if you had any info/feedback on the service called webwire

thank you much,



Well, Adan, the short answer is “not much,” but since I’m a compulsive researcher, I had to change my answer to “Let me find out.” Thanks to Adan’s comment, I discovered two three new sites: WebWire, statsaholic [a new fave that lets you compare three sites at once] and quantcast, a super-rich site stats resource.

About WebWire

In operation since May 1995 at, the site claims, “We are the original Internet Press Release Resource predating any of our competitors.” Yet, finding search results on experience or results turned up only a few sites. Is WebWire the best-kept secret in online news distribution? Let’s see. . .

Web Wire’s distribution operates on two levels: news release or press release.

News Releases: Direct to Searching Consumers

WebPost® – $19 per news release submission on WebWire site

WebRelease® – Starting at $49 per submission, “accommodates unlimited search result displays based one search phrase, within a four month campaign, or 150 “click-throughs” (users actually clicking to view the entire news release), whichever comes first.”

Press Releases: Targeted Media Distribution

Targeted Media Distribution – Starting at $95

WebWire service distribution prices via PR Newswire

15% discount if delivered in 3 business days. Stats? ReleaseWatch™ reports with links to your release on up to 20 Web sites, sent via email.


dailyuniquesWith low distribution fees, WebWire’s news release distribution service is worth testing out, but the site’s number of visitors is well below PRWeb and PR Newswire. Want targeted media distribution? The 15% PR Newswire discount is a deal.

Take a look at this video I found on how PR Web compares to Web Wire releases on Bill McRea’s Internet marketing blog. Web Wire is a low-cost, quick fix. I agree with Bill about PRWeb’s status as an authority site. When you use PRWeb, you not only get more reads [click on the graph to compare daily uniques], but you get more search engine power – in terms of page rank lift.

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What’s your experience with online news distribution services?

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