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Problem: You want an all-in-one Google-Wikipedia-keyword-background research tool.

Solution: Enter your topic or terms in Make My Report and get the top 30 related results along with a word association relevancy list.

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How I found this Cool Tool: Last month when I was getting ready to present a writing workshop, I came across Brendan Cooper’s list of “lovely little useful utilities.” Thanks to Brendan, I added several valuable online writing resources that punched up the presentation’s takeaways.

Each utility Brendan mentions is worthy of its own Cool Tool post, but today we’ll focus on only the first: an online report creator using artificial intelligence called simply “Make My Report.”

To make a report, you enter your topic and click “develop report.” What comes back is a top-level background check on the topical term. Here’s how the site describes their service . . .

From Make My Report

The Internet is full of information, yet unfortunately a lot of the information can conflict with conventional wisdom. The user quickly gets frustrated and loses trust from not knowing what to believe. attempts to solve this problem by data-mining up to thirty relevant websites and presenting the results on one webpage. The user can quickly identify common knowledge among disparate sources and then easily separate consensus from isolated opinions.

Outgoogling Google

In testing this tool, I tried out all kinds of queries like winter weather [my car got stuck in the snow this morning], online public relations and blog resources. Then, I decided to make a report on Barbara Rozgonyi, CoryWest Media and Wired PR Works. Because you only get 30 results at a time, it’s interesting to see what comes back as most relevant.

And, you get a list of key terms with percentages based on word relativity, like this one based on Wired PR Works:
MARKET with relevance % 100.0
SPEAKER with relevance % 88.1
BUSINESS with relevance % 74.6
BLOGG with relevance % 71.2
CORYWESTMEDIA with relevance % 61.0
ABOUT with relevance % 52.5
PRESENTATIONS with relevance % 50.8
BARBARA with relevance % 49.2
PROJECT with relevance % 49.2
POST with relevance % 47.5
PROFESSIONAL with relevance % 40.7
OVER with relevance % 37.3
MORE with relevance % 37.3
INTERNET with relevance % 37.3
READ with relevance % 35.6
HERE with relevance % 32.2
VIDEOS with relevance % 30.5
ROZGONYI with relevance % 27.1
RELATIONS with relevance % 27.1
CLIENTS with relevance % 27.1
BLOGS with relevance % 27.1

Conclusion: This is a blog about market[where’s the ing?], speaker, business, blogg[?] and presentations. Close, but not quite there, which gives me a guide to work from.

How to Use Make My Report in Your Marketing

Bloggers: search for background research, find fresh blogs resources, build on your blog’s keyword optimization and monitor your reputation by seeing what comes up for you. I noticed that Wired PR Works’ results included the most recent post, which makes me wonder if the tool analyzes the entire blog contents or only what’s on the home page at the time. Look into the blogs listed both for resources and new community partners.

Writers: for those us who like to go off on tangents and test, this process is simple and quick. Search on topics you like to write about to see what comes up. Bookmark resources for later reference and build a source file for favored topics.

Public Relations: find out who owns your client’s topic and why, then build out your client’s strategy to either share the market or dominate it with more relevant search terms and higher page ranks results using online press releases and blog posts.

Virtual Branding: see what your profile looks like – do you look like what you think you do? What would you like to change, add or underscore? Does the keyword list match your preferred profile?

Internet Marketers: use the relevancy list to build out your pay-per-click campaigns. Test to see what works. Adjust your site/blog to incorporate more relevant keywords to build your traffic.

Students: reduce research time to a few clicks and get an automatic bibliography bonus.

Make your own research-keyword-virtual branding-PR report and tell us how this Cool Tool worked for you.

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