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That’s my only update on Friday night, the first night of BlogHer 08. If I ever needed confirmation that someone valued what I had to say, this was it. Making it onto Alltop’s online PR blog feed-magazine rack, a collection of the best of the best feeds, was a dream come true for me. What timing!


This screen shot shows Wired PR Works in between PR Week’s The Editor’s Blog and Shel Holtz.

I met Shel about 10 years ago when I was on Sears, Roebuck and Co.’s internal communications team. Since then Shel’s been one of my idols-I even kept his handouts from his in-house seminars. Now that we’re neighbors, maybe I can get enough courage to introduce myself.

Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of Alltop and a partner at Garage Technology Ventures sent me an email the other day welcoming me to Alltop. . . I’m printing it out and saving it in the same file as Shel’s handouts. And, I think I’ll frame a copy, too.

Today, on his How to Change the World blog, Guy talked about how to Imagine a Bigger Market and You’ll See a Bigger Market. 

He suggests . . .

“Maybe if entrepreneurs imagine that their market sector is larger than what it is, they’ll do better. This is an unscientific leap of reasoning, but entrepreneurship requires unscientific leaps of reasoning.”

Thanks, Guy, for stretching my imagination.

And, yes, this post will show up on Alltop.


Your Turn

What’s the next leap you need to make? How will you do it?

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