David Bullock: Barack 2.0 SOBCon09

Presentation notes by David Bullock on his Barack 2.0 project with Brent Leary.


In June 2008, they decided to start tracking Barack Obama on social media. They used Snag-it to capture to 1100 artifacts from the campaign. Then, they took the ideas and put them on the blog – all time and date stamped to give them an online record of publishing an event. He was nothing more than a citizen journalist.

Everyone can become a citizen journalist.

David Bullock’s STAR Method

David Bullock’s SOBCon08 presentation on business development action plans.






1 – webinar with 34 people

2- podcasts

3 – blogs

He took a 17 post blog and turned it into a 134 page book. Took a blog, made it into a book and stuck it up on lulu.

Reported on a “rising story in the marketplace.”

Black Enterprise, links in from Fast Company and the LA Times – serious links and serious exposure.

Printed a call to action on the interior of the book, if you want video, audio and text – send in your email for additional resources. The .pdf is password protected. 75/200 people registered for the .pdf. Hilton Hotels, Sears, Sports Illustrated are buyers.

“Free is nice, but it does not get me paid.”

Publishing is a trick – so he self-published so he could own the rights. Lulu is good, but doesn’t let you collect the names and emails addresses.

Any business can go in find the rising story in the industry – go to ireports. There’s money in the trends that people want to talk about.

Sold $8000 of books [200 copies] in four months. This whole thing was a case study. Now he has a case study within the case study. We can show you how to use this because we have done it. Now he has a self-liquidating lead [lead that you generate pays for itself] model.

If you say you’re going to do something – do it.

Then, figure out what you’re doing – and do it!

Asked to speak at Wharton school of business – last year at SOBCon, David wondered why he was here.

All of these things happen when you have interesting things to talk about that people want to know.

His model is a non-deliverable consulting [dichotomy in the marketplace, so many consultants tell you what to do, but they’ve never done it before- but David has] situation as a thought leader in the marketplace. We would become a thought leader here.

Showed up on Amazon two weeks ago. Price doesn’t matter because the whole thing goes to David. Also on Barnes and Noble and his site. Using all the distribution channels. In the book, he has 100 screen shots. All of its positioning and storytelling, but once you control something that people want then you have control in the marketplace.

SocialMediaConnection is David’s site, now videos on YouTube, etc. Did an SEO study on Fox News. If you think you need a platform, use WordPress like Fox does.

This model is a duplicate-able model, but he won’t be presenting around it the country. 

Once you know how to do something, no one can take that away from you.

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