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Whenever this question comes up, no one wants to, directly, answer it. The question is: how much does it cost to sponsor a blogger? The answer is: [I think] it depends on what the brand is willing to pay. It depends on what the blogger is willing to ask for. And, it depends on what value the exchange represents to the collective communities.

I’ll be honest: I like to represent brands. That’s me at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show representing Sears Blue Blogger Crew. I got this gig because I presented a proposal. We wound up with different terms that included shooting videos. It was a win-win for everyone.

Because I go to so many conferences, it makes sense that I offer to bring brands with me. As a blogger, I can introduce them to people and opportunities they couldn’t experience on their own. Plus, bloggers have community networks that brands want to access.

And so, I’d like your opinion on whether or not this presentation makes sense – for you as a blogger or a brand.

Looking for more insights? Check out this recap of the BBSummit’s improving brands and blogger relationships panel.

In putting this out there for everyone to see, I’m giving away a lot of behind the screen information. You will too, if you choose to go this route. For example, you now know how much traffic this blog gets, who reads it and how much I’m estimating exposure is worth. Granted some of this information is public. But, some of it is available only to the website owner. How much information do you share about your blog?

Brands: If you want more event or trade show coverage without even being there, sponsoring a blogger is the best investment you can make.

Some may see these sponsor investment estimates to be on the generous side.

As a professional writer who knows that the going rate for top writing talent in Chicago is between $150-$300 and up per hour, these numbers seem fair to me. But, as traffic goes up or down – or the audience sways to or from the brand’s target – they may be too high or low.

The presentation also includes advertising packages that go beyond a spot on the blog into full network coverage. What do you think of this approach? 

Here’s the slide show transcript:

Blog Sponsor Brand Advertising Partner Promotions – Presentation Transcript

  1. Brand Meets Influence your company + wiredPRworks Partner Promotion Benefits: Visibility. Connections. Personality. @wiredprworks ::
  2. I’d Like to Take You with ME! @wiredprworks ::
  3. Event and Network Promotions

Explore: Venues and Ventures

Learn: Barbara Rozgonyi, your social media guide

Reach: Family/Home Office Consumers; Professionals throughout the wiredPRworks network

Themes: B2B like in 3D

Choose: Investment Level, starting at $150/month

You’re IN!

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Meet Barbara Rozgonyi

Mom xs 3

Blogger and Author

Small Business Owner

3D Biz Developer

Speaker and Photographer

Founder, Social Media Club Chicago

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Your Trade Show Coverage Host

Barbara’s Conference Coverage Experiences . . .

BlogHer 2007-2009

BlogWorld 2007-2010


Search Engine Strategies

Affiliate Summit West 2011

CES 2011 – Sears Blue Blogger Crew

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Benefits to Your Brand

Recognized industry analyst with a following of decision makers

Professional reporter with a track record of industry coverage

Multi-platform coverage that gets your brand exposure on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, flickr and blogs

Optional PR component drives coverage and traffic to your site

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. 3D Biz Dev*

Digital coverage that puts you on your customer’s screen

Direct connections to consumers via SEO using the keywords you submit

Dynamic updates with an experience creative, technical and social media voice

*available on special packages

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. wiredPRworks Network Reach

Facebook 960 friends

Twitter 9300 followers

LinkedIn 1400 connections

Google+ 900 connections

Friendfeed 1100 connections

Wired PR Works readers – avg. 5,000 visits per month

Newsletter subscribers

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. wiredPRworks Stats

Users: female, college grads, earning over $100,000, browse from work

Visitors view an average of 5.3 unique pages per day.

Time on site is roughly eight minutes with 62 second on each page view.

Ranked 240,232 in world & 2,374 in Chicago

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. wiredPRworks Awstats @wiredprworks ::
  3. wiredPRworks getclicky stats @wiredprworks ::
  4. wiredPRworks Google Analytics @wiredprworks ::
  5. wiredPRworks Event Sponsorships

Want more exposure at a trade show without even being there?

Sponsor wiredPRworks coverage.

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Partner Level $5,000 = 5 Featured Posts + PR

Reach 500,000+ estimated

Content posted on and your site

Press releases, two at $80 level

Social media interactions throughout network

Video / radio show host for interview series

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Connection Level $3,500 = 3 Featured Posts

Reach 400,000+ estimated

Content posted on and your site

Included in event coverage press release

Social media interactions throughout network

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Friend Level $1,500 = 1 Featured Post

Reach 200,000+ estimated

One dedicated sponsor post

Mentioned in event coverage press release

Social media mentions throughout network along with other sponsors – 2 updates per day

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Follower Level $500 Gets You Into the Show

Reach 50,000+ estimated

Mentioned in wiredPRworks partner post

Mentioned in event coverage release

Social media mentions throughout network along with other sponsors – 2 updates per day

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. How to Become a Partner

Select a level, then get a link to pay online.

2. Submit keywords, URL, logo and social media IDs.

3. That’s it – you’re in!!!

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Starter Advertiser 4 Spaces Open Get Started!

All Inclusive Package $150.00/month

125 x 125 ad on sidebar

Bi-weekly tweet – two/month

Monthly mention on Facebook page

Included in weekly newsletter – name only

Three Month Miniumum

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Premium Advertiser 2 Spaces Open Good Value

All Inclusive Package $450.00/month

260 x 125 ad on sidebar

Weekly tweet – 4/month

Two updates per month at wiredPRworks Facebook

Mentioned in sponsor post

Included in weekly newsletter – name only

Three Month Minimum

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Featured Advertiser 1 Space Open BEST VALUE

All Inclusive Package $900.00/month

300 x 250 ad on sidebar

Weekly tweet – 4/month

Two updates per month at wiredPRworks Facebook

Dedicated sponsor post with ad

Included in weekly newsletter – name only

  1. @wiredprworks ::
  2. Sound Good? Let’s Make it Happen!

Barbara Rozgonyi

Mobile: 630.207.7530


  1. @wiredprworks ::


What would you add to this presentation? Have you pitched a brand – or a blogger? What worked? What would you do differently next time?

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