Social Media Recruiting Best Practices Webinar


On November 15, I’ll be presenting a LinkedIn and Recruiting webinar for If you’re looking for ways to increase your recruiting results using social media, you’ll want to check out this two day, four session, program.

I’m pleased to be presenting with Mike Dwyer of CruiterWorks on day one. Anthony Scarpino, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at Sodexo and Brad Warga, Vice President of Corporate Recruiting at will present each company’s case studies on day two.  Thanks to Kristin Hart-Maravich, Ragan’s webinar content producer and marketing manager for inviting me to present. Here’s what we’ll cover.

Social Media Recruiting Best Practices Webinar

Register for Ragan’s Social Media Strategies Best Practices webinar here.

Day One Session 1:
LinkedIn recruiting essentials: A guide to scouting and placing star performers
Barbara Rozgonyi, Principal, CoryWest Media, LLC

Day One Session 2:
How to use social media to target passive candidates and hire top talent
Mike Dwyer, CruiterWorks

Day Two Session 1:
Sodexo‘s 5 secrets to creating a best-in-class social media strategy
Anthony Scarpino, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

Day Two Session 2:
How Salesforce uses social media and candidate relationship management to recruit, build social profiles and save time
Brad Warga, Vice President of Corporate Recruiting

All webinar content from, copied here for your convenience.

  • Avoid the BIGGEST mistake recruiters make on LinkedIn: If you’re doing it, you can fix it immediately
  • Apply the 3 keys to make your company a leader on LinkedIn
  • Expand your definition of “search” on LinkedIn—Why this gives you a competitive edge
  • Integrate LinkedIn strategy with other social recruiting methods—on Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter
  • Use LinkedIn groups for recruitment—and what they can do for your business beyond the talent search
  • Measure results and manage your exposure
  • Shift your traditional recruiting tactics to online
  • Target passive job-seekers
  • Engage current employees as brand ambassadors
  • Integrate internal and external communication strategies
  • Avoid developing a “Ghost Town”–(an online community nobody visits)
  • Make social recruiting part of your daily “workout”
  • Meet your goals with a shoestring budget
  • Identify the key elements of a business strategy through social media
  • Set social media goals
  • Integrate your social media and your strategy
  • Choose the right tools that allow recruitment of select candidates
  • Create long-term candidate relationships by building your own Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Identify and develop recruiters’ alternative skill sets
  • Think strategically, not reactively – How to think a step ahead when finding new talent
  • Find the best platform to do the job. Is it LinkedIn, Branchout,, Radian6 or Google?
  • Build a social profile for candidates by pulling information from many social channels
  • And so much more!

Reflecting on Recruiting Communications

One corporate recruiting project, for Anderson Consulting, now Accenture – my client at the time, enlisted the services of 15 people worldwide. We met over conference calls, in board rooms and even on the back porch of our project manager’s two flat. My assignment was to write the draft for an MBA strategy recruiting brochure.

The war for talent was on and Anderson wanted to win.

To do that, we would be inventive. We would position the company as a leader. And, we would set the pace.

How? One major initiative was to add a link to the recruiting website in the brochures. It seems almost an afterthought today when QR codes and social network icons are de riguer. Back then, in the late 90s, sending people online to find more information was a remarkable early adopter strategy.

Companies were only beginning to discover how to package information, products and services for the screen.

Around the same time, I contributed to recruiting projects for Sears as an internal communications consultant.

We wanted to feature success stories, but there was some hesitation. What if the leaders we featured now left to pursue careers somewhere else? Then we’d have to incur the cost of reprinting new brochures. Would we want to do that?

This strategy, too, now seems so outdated. Yet, even with all the innovation going on out there, there’s always room to keep improving. Because if you’re not, your competitors are.

I’m honored to be included with this group and look forward to sharing tools, ideas and a 3D strategy for scouting and placing star performers. Register for Ragan’s Social Media Strategies Best Practices webinar here.

Want a preview? Here’s a video Mike and I made. You’ll also pick up some great improv tips! Yes, and . . .

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