GKIC Chicago Entrepreneurs and Marketing Event

Felicia Slattery - Steve Sipress - Barbara Rozgonyi

Here’s an invitation to join me and a room full of Chicago’s sharpest entrepreneurs on November 19. Join GKIC [Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle] Chicago for a day of learning, networking , and taking action.

I’m excited to be one of five small business experts who will present ways to rethink, reorganize and reroute your business plans.  That’s me with Felicia Slattery and Steve Sipress at a Peak Performers mastermind group event.

You will leave with new ideas, contacts and plans. It is all free, but reservations are required. Hosted by Steve Sipress, leader of GKIC Chicago and Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs.

Register online at http://celebration-rsvp.com

GKIC Chicago Entrepreneurs and Marketing Event Speakers

Dov Baron, best-selling author and international business building expert on “The 5 Foundations of Building Wealth in the New Economy.”

Joe Cross, the Comeback Coach, will present “The 5-1-7 Principle: How to Become the top 1% in Your Industry.”

Barbara Rozgonyi,3D marketing results expert, on “3D Business Development Strategies to Stand out and Be Sought Out.”

Steve Sipress, small business-building expert, on “How to take advantage of the Holiday Season to accomplish more in the last six weeks than you have the entire rest of the year.”

Felicia Slattery, communications expert and M.A., M.Ad.Ed, on “The 3Cs of Credibility: How to Confidently Increase Your Business.”

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Join GKIC’s Chicago chapter for a day of learning, networking and taking action.

Make your 2011 holiday season the best ever. And, get a head start on 2012 success. You deserve it!!

GKIC Chicago Entrepreneurs and Marketing Event Promo Video

Steve suggested I make a promo video. It was fun and easy to do – especially after enjoying an evening of improv at Social Media Club Chicago’s third anniversary party.

Can’t make the program, but want more information about GKIC [Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle]?

FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that commissions are paid when sales are made. I only recommend products and services I believe in and use personally. I joined GKIC in July, met Bill Glazer in September and am delighted to discover so many other successful people credit Bill and Dan Kennedy as mentors.

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