LinkedIn PR Keynotes from Women Entrepreneurs


If women love to socialize so much, why aren’t more of them growing their networks online? After talking to West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs today, three major obstacles surfaced: time, diversification and technology. [If you’re a meeting planner, call 630.207.7530 to check my availability – I love to do presentations like this.]

That’s me with Karen Hanrahan a wellness consultant, who set up the program and blogs at Best of Mother Earth: Creating Healthier Lives.

Before the talk started, I made sure I was covered for the five social networking potholes. Time’s on that list, so are privacy, strategy, etiquette and invitations.

But I hadn’t thought about diversity and technology. As someone who almost failed computer science at University of Illinois, I never, ever thought that technology would be something I’d be so enamored with. But that was back when I didn’t know how much it could do for me. The first thing I did when I opened my business was buy the best computer and printer I could afford.

And while I’m no techno-whiz, I do forget sometimes that not everyone’s comfortable or up to speed on how to communicate online. To me, it’s a blend of writing, personality and yes, technology. So, I’ll build that one into my next speech.

Then there’s the multiple personality thing. Well, not really, but many business owners do more than one thing well. How can one LinkedIn profile represent everything you are? One way is to add new sections under companies. Another is to focus on what you want to grow online. Don’t confuse your community.

People like consistency. They like to know who you are and what you do. And, chances are even though you have 19 “things” you can do, only a few of them make real money. If you’re confused ask your family, friends and clients about what you do best. Think about what you love to do. Then, compare both to how the money got to the checks you put in the bank.

And, if you’re in Chicago’s western suburbs and you’re a woman entrepreneur, check out this great group. Here’s a slide show based on my presentation today.



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