Speaker Marketing: SlideShare Presentations Promote Your Content

Problem: You have a fabulous presentation, but the only people who ever see it sit in your audience

Solution: Upload your presentation with or without audio to Slideshare and reach the world – along with more than a few new prospects

Almost a year ago today I wrote those words about SlideShare as a cool tool that speaks and makes marketing presentations for you. And, today I uploaded my first presentation ever: New Age Public Relations: Press Releases Online

It’s also live on my LinkedIn profile and Facebook.

One upload and . . . Voila! coverage on multiple sites.

Three tips on how to make the most of SlideShare

1. post to all of your social networks right away

2. add a link [better yet, embed] the slide show in your speaker page

3. write a press release about your presentation and how it helps your audience


More ways to use SlideShare as a social media, marketing and PR tool.

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