5 Ways Google I/O Announcements Affect Marketing and PR

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When I first clicked into the Google I/O Developers Conference keynote, I didn’t expect to be glued to my computer screen for three hours. A day later, I’m still checking in to follow along.

As Time said, “Google I/O 2013 Is All About Cleaning Up the Mess and Filling In the Gaps.”

If your’re looking for an all-in-one guide, you’ll want to review this handy list of everything announced at the Google I/O 2013 keynote. To make it more relevant , here are five ways the news impacts marketing and PR people.

What Google I/O Developers Conference Means to Marketing and PR aka People Like Us

1. Get into Google Plus as a Serious Social Channel 

Google Plus got 41 updates, including a new feature dubbed “Related hashtags” that analyzes the content of a post and then suggests hashtags.

Get used to it – Google Plus is here to stay.

If you’re not there yet, check in at least a few times a week. You can see what’s trending and what’s hot in your circles and communities.

Step outside of your comfort zone and hangout with clients or even your team. Interacting on video is a lot more fun than sitting in a conference room – and now you can hangout via a mobile app.

2. Picture It This Way

More than ever before, images are becoming all powerful.

Yes, yes, yes we all LOVE words, copy and design.

But. . . it’s the snapshot that grabs the attention.

And. . . Google’s Auto Awesome editor makes your pictures sexier, warmer and even wigglier.

The editor’s built in so even if you’re not a huge Google Plus fan, you might love turning images into animated .gifs.

Pro photographers will not be impressed. If you use Instagram, you might like their filters more – and that’s okay. But do check out Auto Awesome.

3. Search is Getting More Conversational – on Your Desktop

If you have an iPhone, you know Siri.

Since Siri seems to only knows about Yelp, we advise our clients to set up a page so she can find them.

We’re thinking that Google’s conversation search will use a bigger engine, but it’s still good to know what your customers ask for when they’re looking for you. You can bring their language back in as keywords.

Here’s how to test out Google Chrome conversation search with “hotwording” on your desktop.

4. Consider Going Bi-platform

If you’re all Apple all the time – you know who you are and I am one of you – you’re missing out on Google’s integration across mobile, tablet and PC.

Because everyone I collaborate with runs on Apple, I rely on my son, a soon to graduate high school senior and Android fan, to be my Google Play guide.

While his take is more from a gaming and social perspective, not a business functionality side, it’s interesting to see how apps and devices differ.

Since he never reads my blog, I think it’s okay to disclose that he’s probably getting a Chromebook for high school graduation. And, Mom may be getting one, too.

5. Think of Yourself as a Developer

I must admit I felt a little out of place when I first started watching this conference.

But, when I started thinking about myself as someone who develops things, I began to appreciate the concept and the approach.

And that’s when I sent an email to WDCB letting them know I’d like to talk about my take.

For more about what I had to say about the Google I/O keynote, here’s my interview with Gary Zidek of WDCB Public Radio at College of DuPage.

What are you developing that the world needs to know about?

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s where web design and customer experience interface going >> Check out the Google I/O Developers Site.

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