Second Anniversary: How to Warm Up Relationships-Reheated

fireworkflowerbybarbararozgonyi Two years. Three platforms. 399 posts. Today I’m celebrating my second anniversary as a blogger.

For some reason, I thought my anniversary date was 06.06.06. But, it’s today: 06.02.06.

Actually, I wrote my first blog post – ever – in the fall of September 2004. I chose something silly to amuse my audience, make it easy on me and avoid a commitment. Designed to be part of a presentation on digital communications, my first blog featured one post: a picture of my cat in a bed of Beanie Babies. I’m not counting that one.

Almost two years later, I started blogging for business, kicking off my blog and my ezine simultaneously. This time, the first post “Creative Confetti” talked about an artist whose press release I’d written. He’s a zany guy who reinvents famous artists’ works with a story worthy of a motion picture [hint: that’s how we got him so much publicity.]

But, I thought that story was too creative. Instead, I ran the exact same content as my ezine readers received in a post titled: How to Warm Up Relationships.

Back then, I included a video with every ezine article. Most of them were, well, not that good. But, they were fun to make. The video that went with the first issue told the story of a basement, an octopus and a realtor. While I won’t retell the story now-you’ll have to wait, I will say I think I started out on the right track.

How do you warm up or reheat your community relationships?

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