Blog PR: Promoting Posts – Where, When and How Much?

Do you Digg your own stuff? Stumble over your posts? Tweet your latest?

How far can and do you go to let people know what’s hot where you are?

Because my company specializes in promoting our clients and their work, promoting blog posts is on my mind. How can bloggers maximize their efforts?

Here’s how my own promotions stack up . . .

Twitter: post a link and a headline for almost every post

LinkedIn: thinking of adding a link to major posts on my status, mention posts when answering questions or write a post to answer the question and then link back there

Digg: don’t do now, have 5/over 400 posts in my profile

Facebook: blog updates in profile

Stumbleupon: rarely

Blog Comments: when I see twitter mentioned, I check in with an answer and a link to

Groups: reply to a question or start a thread with a topic and link to post, sometimes with a follow up like this message I left today:

By the way, this post pops up on Google for the search term: writing
Amazon reviews. Yesterday it was number 2, today it’s number 4 out of
4,020,000 results. I posted the replay on my site to drive traffic
there as well.

Here’s the direct link:
and the blog post:

How do you promote your blog posts?

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