Blog Reader Survey: Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For?


Did you find everything you were looking for?

That’s the question every customer gets asked every time they check out at our Trader Joe’s, “your neighborhood grocery store.”

Unless I’m in my friend Dan’s line where we quickly take the next few minutes to exchange news [they’re going to Indiana this weekend to pick up a rescue puppy they picked out online and W’s signing at The Symphony Center tomorrow night], I usually stop and think . . .

Hmmm . . Did I find everything I was looking for when I came in?

Because I know I’ll be asked that question going out, I also have to think about it going in, which makes me a smarter shopper and Trader Joe’s a smart marketer.

Up until Tuesday, when you clicked into this blog, it was difficult, if not impossible to navigate the 400+ posts.

What’s different?

  • Added in archives – they go back to June 2006
  • Listed the categories – displays all special interests
  • Took off Google AdWords – more competition than income
  • Linked to most popular posts – coming next week

So, tell me: When you came here did you find everything you were looking for?

And, just like Trader Joe’s if you don’t see it, I’ll consider stocking the information you want so you can find it next time you come in . . .

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