Popular Posts: Readers Rank June’s Best

How about you? Do you like to keep this kind of information secret?

In 24 months of publishing posts, I didn’t think to let you in on something you might want to know: my most popular posts and my top recommendations. So, here’s my first report.

In 30 days, I published 20 posts. Only two of my June posts made it into my reader’s top five most popular list. So, I’m tossing in an additional five posts, all published this month, that I thought you might enjoy.

Reader’s Top Five Posts

Picture Perfect PR: Are You Camera Ready?

Three measurement tools give three different measurements on number of page views for this top-read post. Could it be the spiders? Blue Host, my blog host, says 956. My Blog Log is the lowest at 699. Google Analytics comes in at 749. Read this one to find out to look fabulous and take smashing images.

Measuring Blog Influence: PR Friendly Index Ranking System

Hundreds of readers came by to take a look at how Brendan Cooper scores his PR Friendly Index. Wired PR Works came in at 46 – can we say this is a top 50 PR blog?

Wired PR Works

Puzzling how so many people stop at the front door before going in. Now that there’s a welcome mat, people tend to stay longer and look around more. Do you think adding an image would help?

LinkedIn PR: Top 10 Ways to Become a Subject Matter Expert

Looking for this blog’s “best seller?” This is it. Published as a contest entry over a year ago, this post continues to attract daily traffic.

The Twitter Guide: How to Tweet in 140 Characters or Less

Visit www.thetwitterguide.com and you’ll see it redirects to this post. That’s why you’ll see this URL in your welcome message from me when you follow me @wiredprworks on twitter.com.

My Top Five Recommended Posts

Social-izing PR: 33 Ways to Promote You and Your Network

Looking back at this post, I realized this is a checklist for social media success. See what you think and let me know what you would add.

Youth Media’s New Storytellers: Making Media Connections Notes

Sitting in the presentation, I knew this post would be one of my favorites. I’m still moved every time I watched the videos.

Ska-Doosh! Kung Fu Panda Mastermind-ing Moves

Speaking of movies, did you see Kung Fu Panda yet? Here, I borrowed the master approach and applied it to findings from my own mastermind group.

Get Top-Ranked on Amazon in Reviews Guest Podcast Brad Shorr

So . . . I got too close to my headset. That’s the only hitch in this interview with Brad Shorr who graciously agreed to let me dust off my teleseminar skills and interview him about his success with Amazon reviews. Have you tried this traffic-building tactic?

System Seminar 2008 Takeaways Include Aim Low Get High

Another round of conference notes . . .  but wait! Don’t hit the snooze button or you’ll miss some quirky, off-beat AND relevant business and marketing advice from a music promoter. Come on, you want to be a rock star, don’t you?

What Do You Think?

Which post would you rank number one – based on the title or description alone?

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