What I Downloaded Today

Studying Internet marketing is addictive, distracting and time-consuming.

Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

What did I download today?

The better question is "WHY did I download what I did today?"

What did I want/need/expect/receive/_________?

Listening to experts talk is like taking a vitamin or doing a mental marketing workout.

If you’re an idea generator, this is superfuel food for your thought.

Is that good?

Well, yes and no.

There’s a ton of free information out there. Even though the cost of acquisition is nada, your time is worth considering.

Think about how much time you can afford to invest every week in learning more stuff. Continuing education is important and is a must build-in to your schedule.

To make the most of your time investment, inventory your skills and decide what you need to know more about.

Need to know more about copy writing, affiliate marketing, list building or viral marketing?

Check out the free calls at www.thesuccessintensives.com.

The online calendars at www.internetmarketersnetwork.com and www.imnewswatch.com both report on what’s coming up in terms of teleseminars, products and special offers.

At www.gurudaq.com, you can track the stock of who’s making what and find out what’s selling.

Although you don’t often have the chance to preview information products before you buy them, you can ask questions about user experiences in forums.

Finding a friend who’s bought gobs of gurudom stock is one way to get a first-hand perspective.

Another is to follow your gut and stick with one expert you feel connected to – like me. :))))

Then, it’s a matter of using what you get.

Recently, I talked with another info junkie who’s figured out a way to merge his studies into his personal life. He listens to information product mp3s on his iPod and records his ideas on the digital recorder he keeps in his pocket. Transcribing and prioritizing ideas into action plans is his way of making all this work.

I have to admit I admire the guy. And, I’ll confess my family is used to me walking around with a headset listening to teleseminars at night.

I’ve even been know to listen to one call on a headset while another broadcasts from a speaker phone on our home line.

Hearing my kids comment on the teleseminar content is amusing and insightful. If a presenter can break down their ideas so that an 11 year old gets it – and wants to try it – it works for me.

Most of the time, I glean a few brilliant insights that in total add up to a greater awareness that keeps me current and edgy.

The push, push, push to make millions isn’t what I’m after.

I’m after gathering and infusing knowledge.

If I make millions, that’s okay. But sometimes the process is as much fun as the payoff.

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