A Shocking Story Heard on a Rooftop . . . + BTS PR

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A Shocking Story Heard on a Rooftop . . . + BTS PR

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August 11, 2006

Here’s a story I just had to
tell you. I hope you haven’t
heard it before.

A Shocking Story
Heard on a Rooftop . . .

It was a beautifully breezy evening
with a view that one could only
command from a rooftop in Chicago.

The sun draped the skyline with
the late summer sun’s rosy setting tones.

Speakers entertained with emotional
toasts at a wedding shower party
on the lower deck.

Greek food arrived in colorful
waves of platters and baskets.

Writers buzzed about creative projects.

There I was, dining on the rooftop at
Pegasus with a group of writing colleagues.

Usually these dinners focus on what’s
new and interesting in the writing world.

But tonight was different.

It was confession time.

My colleagues said their clients
were stuck standing still staring
at a huge, scary hedge.

One called ‘Internet Marketing.’

To get help over the hedge, their
clients hired specialists who promised
a ticket to the new world of riches
awaiting on the other side.

We were all shocked at what
happened next.

One client invested $5,000 to
get a slight uptick in ad revenue.

Another paid $1,000 for search
engine optimization that got
18 hits although 10,000 were

A propect was seriously considering
taking a $24,000 SEO plunge – to profits?

Let me tell you it doesn’t take
$50,000 to get attention and sales.

It doesn’t take a fancy Flash page to
attract traffic. [Tip: it turns potential
list subscribers -and Google – off.]

You don’t need to pay a company
$15,000 to set up an online shopping
cart that takes credit cards.

Do you really need a $12,000 email
database manager?

Not if you know how to select the
right package.

In fact, Internet marketing can
cost less than $100 per month.

That’s it.

Watch for more information
about how to set up a marketing
budgeting system in the next issue.

Hearing about the tens of thousands
of dollars draining out of my colleague’s
client’s marketing budgets motivated me
to offer you something special. 

So ……… here’s the deal:

Back to School PR Promotion: $197

Because I believe PR is THE most
economical and efficient route to recognition,
I’m offering a 30 minute one-on-one
consultation to the first six people who
take me up on this offer by August 23, the
first day of school in Glen Ellyn.

Here’s what you get:
– comments on a release you’ve written
– ideas for a release if you haven’t started writing yet
– guidelines on keyword selection to get top placements
– a live www.prweb.com walk through
– 30 minutes to mine my creative cranium
– 2 months of video email and live IM service

Special bonus to the first 3 takers: an mp3
download of a teleseminar that tells you how
to transform your business into a client magnet.

Claim your spot now at: http://tinyurl.com/h9d5n

Talk soon~

P.S. Congratulations and welcome to
Cynthia Hernandez-Kolski,
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