How to Record Audio and Podcasts

Adding audio to web sites is a proven way to convert more traffic, close more sales and build trust.

Here’s how to record and post audio to your site, your email, your blog, your podcast, etc. . . .

Audio Acrobat (30 day free trial/$19.95 per month) simplifies the process with an intuitive interface that allows you to easily record audio or video. Recording audio using your phone is as easy as leaving a voicemail message. When you’re finished recording,  you choose how to publish the file. Options include downloading the file to your computer (recommended), generating HTML for a website or newsletter, getting a text link or redirecting the user to a site to download.

Thinking of podcasting? This service even publishes your podcast for you.  Here’s an Audio Acrobat recording I made a few minutes ago. Click the link to listen.

As you advance, you may want to download Audacity‘s free audio editing tools. 

Do you host teleseminars? Check out  Audio Acrobat’s conference call recording guide.

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