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What are you doing the night of November 4?

If you live in DuPage County, one of the wealthiest counties in Illinois, you may be sleeping in a car, a cardboard box or a tent – even if you’re not homeless.

Judging from the enthusiastic support Bridge Communities received at the 2006 Sleep Out Saturday event kick off yesterday, hundreds of people will be homeless again – for one night.

Over twenty new Sleep Out Saturday leaders turned out to find out how to host a temporary overnight shelter for their fund-raisers.

Junior high kids pack together in cardboard condos, more mature sleepers stay in their cars and families tent it out in their year.

The real story is one of hope: in 2005 Bridge Communities sheltered homeless families for a total of 65,000 shelter nights.

Want to donate now? $25 provides one shelter night.

But they could be sheltering many, many more. Try 13,000 children living in poverty and in danger of being homeless in a highly affluent area. Many of these families are the kids who grew up here and just want to come back home.

One of the things we love about working with Bridge Communities is their innate ability to give their people -clients, sponsors and partners-what they want.

This year, leaders get a CD toolkit. And, everybody everwhere gets a brand new blog.

Participants get other perks – like at least two shots at being on live TV, a high-energy rally and a new awareness and appreciate for all that they call home.

After looking back at our last PR Web releases, the 2004 was our first online, we know this year’s story will be one reporters and the sleepers will love retelling. And, so will we. Stay tuned. . .

2005 Bridge Communities Sleep Out Saturday to Help Homeless Families

2004 Bridge Communities Sleep Out Saturday to Help Homeless Families

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