How to Wave to Oprah and Johnny

How to Win a Red Carpet Seat at the 2007 Oscars

Who else out there loves movies and wishes they could go to the Oscars like I do?

Last year I realized I could’ve been in LA the same day as the Oscars. If only I’d taken Alex Mandossian and Mark Victor Hansen up on their offer to have a private dinner together. But, that’s another post for the Internet marketing category . . .

When it hit me that I was thisclose to watching the stars go by, I vowed then and there that I’d find a way to go the Oscars someday – maybe even next year.

Knowing there had to be a back door somewhere starting with www, I searched until I found  a way to get on the Academy Award official press list.

Within minutes and before the walk on the red carpet was over, messages began popping up in my inbox. Soon after each winner accepted their award, a transcript of their speech arrived. So, that’s how all the journalists get the same quotes. Although the cameras don’t hang out backstage, the transcribers do – I got almost real-time feeds of the wacky q and a that goes on after the winner walks offstage. Curious about what they really said? Read the Academy Award onstage and backstage transcripts.

Although the show’s over, I kept my name on the list. Today I’m sharing the Academy’s special announcement with you. They’re giving away over 300 Red Carpet Oscar bleacher seats. Apply online between September 18 and 25. That’s all folks!

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