Last Day for Free PRWeb

Today’s the last day to distribute a press release for free via PR Web.

According to David McGinnis’ letter, PR Web now offers 3 contribution levels:

SEO – $80 Basic with integrated SEO tools

SEO with Social Media – $120 Better with TrackBacks/PingBacks and PR Tag Clouds, Technorati tags, pull out quotes and social bookmarking. Releases also go through Pheedo’s RSS and Blog network and first-page position on PR Web is guaranteed on release day.

Advanced Online Visibility – $200 Best- with exclusive eBook creating and enhanced stats. This is the one we use for most of our clients because we love the tracking feature.

Our personal experience?

It’s easy to get number one news placements – if you do the research first and write the release for your targeted keyword pick up.

In April, my Video Marketing 101 release was the top video marketing news story on Google out of 11,000 stories – for two weeks. Maybe starting the release with the word "Google" helped.

Did I get any phone calls or seminar registrations? No, but this was at a low contribution level that didn’t include a link to a URL or multi-media attachments. And the release was for a one-time only event. Taking out the date brought in an additional 20,000 reads and made the release evergreen. Tacking on a video preview would have upped my response.

Typically, our clients average over 50,000 estimated reads and 1500 pick-ups by media services and bloggers for each press release distributed at the $200 level.

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