Before Beginning Blog Plan Marketing & PR Strategies


Writing, posting, commenting, tagging, publishing, tracking, socializing, maybe moneytizing – all part of blogging. But what about marketing and PR? How do they fit into blogging?

Before your write your first post or choose your blog’s platform, start out thinking about how you will market and publicize your blog, your content and your results.

Who do you want to reach

Do you want to talk to more than one audience or will your blog serve as a congregation point for several related groups? What do they have in common? What benefits does reading your blog offer them?

What do you want to say

What’s your point? Be clear about your mission and purpose so you both know why you’re there. Tie your blog’s marketing strategy into your overall marketing and PR plan.

When will you publish

Plan at least six months out. Set goals for number of times to publish and sketch out a preliminary editorial calendar.

Where will you publish

Keep in mind that comments count as much, if not more, than your own posts. When you leave a comment on another blog, you join their conversation. When you comment frequently, you join the community and attract the attention of the blogger and their readers.

Why are you blogging

Tell everyone why you write – at this blog, my purpose it to inform and inspire bloggers, entrepreneurs and small business owners with marketing and PR ideas. Do you educate, inform, entertain, amuse, motivate?

How do you communicate

Great content keeps readers coming back, but it doesn’t have to be all 250-500 word articles written by one person. Varying you content by publishing a mix of articles, stories, images, videos and podcasts. Track response rates and comments to see which format your readers like best. Invite guest authors to contribute.

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