Double Feature: Blog Ads and Promotional Sponsorships


Marquis inscription: Now Showing Double Feature Blog Ads + Sponsorships Free Refills with Large Sizes Rated PG: Profit Generator

While that title would never fit on a marquis – or a blog post headline – it sums up what I’m thinking about both from a blogger and an advertiser’s perspective.

Before I get too carried away and light-headed about the possibility of adding ads and sponsorships on this blog, let me just say that I’m flattered that someone would want to invest in and sponsor my work. Make that put an ad for their products and services on my page.

Never mind that for 17 years my family’s relied on my marketing communications consulting practice to produce a profitable, work-from-home business income.

But, getting paid to write for someone else is much different than being compensated your own work. Each scenario requires a reader and usually a response of some kind, but one comes with much richer rewards than the other.

At a meeting of independent writers in Chicago this week, we listened to a speaker who told us: You can’t make a good living as an independent writer.

I know I’m not the only one in the room who would be happy to debate this issue and provide tax returns as proof. But I don’t really get paid to write here – yet, anyway.

In December an ad broker contacted me about putting permanent ads on a few posts. While the choices were rather odd and not my best-read [or reading] posts, I took a pass on this arrangement.

Last week, a major ad network asked me to submit an application to be a publisher in their network. While the pay from these ads will probably never equal the going rate for a professional writer in Chicago [$150-$250 per hour and up], being noticed and approached made me feel like just maybe all this typing around might be worth [a little] something.

Looking to advertise on a blog? lists the top reasons you’d want to put your money where the blogger’s community is. I’m even thinking of running blog ads. With a low entry rate, you can test the response and better befriend the blogger.

Bloggers and advertisers might check out these resources in Wendy Piersall’s post on finding and joining a blog network.

There are probably dozens more, so please comment and share what works for you. And, if you want to advertise or sponsor Wired PR Works, contact me at barbara AT corywestmedia DoT com.

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Your turn – what do you think about blogs and advertising?

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