Cool Tool | Analyze This: Competitive SEO Keyword Market Share

Problem: You want to know how a site scores in terms of traffic AND you want to know who owns what share of coolblogtool keywords

Solution: compares site traffic and reports on top performing keywords

See what the competition is up to at

compete-pr-statsComparing performance of up to five sites at once, says it’s “the only online data with real science.”

How to use . . .

– get a site’s traffic profile

– find out how your site compares to others

– see who has the biggest keyword market share

Click on the graphic to see a sample search analytics report. While the competitive comparison search is free, you need to use credits to get this type of report.’s blog analyzes consumer trends and reports on search trends and reports on search analytics updates.

Check out Wired PR Works’ Cool Tools.

How does your site stack up against your competition?

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