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Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out what amounted to a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers the state of the blogosphere address & opening keynote with Chris Alden, Anil Dash and Richard Jalichandra who previewed Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report. You’ll find all of my BlogWorld08 twoverage [tweet +coverage] here.

Thanks to those of you who asked me to share these updates, including Lynn Terry who writes the ClickNewz blog.

Reader’s Guide: Each line represents a live update made on @wiredprworks on Reporting is in reverse order; so start at the end and read your way up. Note that this is exactly what I typed during the session, misspellings and all. When you see @name, this means that the person who was talking may be found on Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.

Did you go to BlogWorld? Please share your resources in the comments section.

BlogWorld08 Technorati and Typepad Keynote Twitter Transcription by Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks

blogit – new tool to post to blogs #bwe08

leaving soon to meet up with Chicago bloggers-and anyone else who wants to stop by-will be in the concessions area, wearing turquoise #bwe08

ccarfi: @wiredprworks #bwe08 mobile guide here, too: too. Tweets, peeps and agenda.

we have the power to make the giants jump – and we’ve already done it, talking about open id #bwe08

@ruthdfw #bew08 = BlogWorld Expo 08, watch all tweets at:

branches of social media = blogging, social networking, social publishing – trend will continue #bwe08

ruthdfw: @wiredprworks what does #bwe08 mean?

blogging is about power to the people – #bwe08

blogging is becoming an industry, 2007 majority of internet users reading blogs #bwe08

huge part of the iceberg is under the water in internal communications blogs #bwe08

blogging ranges from personal to political, what matters is what the media is achieving #bwe08

anil dash talking about blogging history #bwe08

six apart’s name comes from founder’s birthdays – six days apart #bwe08

note to my followers tweets with #bwe08 coming from sessions/experiences at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas

@marismith – good to connect with you, too! your comment on being heard versus being memorable = great start to today! #bwe08

tough question to answer, the line between media and blogs is already gone #bwe08

where is the line between what is a media site and what is a blog @emom’s question #bwe08

marismith: @wiredprworks Yay, Barbara!!! Awesome to connect with you F2F at #BWE08. Whew, what an *amazing* event!!

technorati survey profiles top 10% of earners, mean income $19,000 year #bwe08

blogosphere is the new long tail, even w/a small audience, they’re incredibly loyal to the blogger and what they have to say #bwe08

average top blogger operated 3.5 blogs, get help if you need to #bwe08

on 9/22 technorati is publishing part 1/5 in a series, see the results at #bwe08

about 1/2 have online or in person events – top 10% bloggers #bwe08

61% most influenced by other blogs, whole blogosphere can erupt on one topic #bwe08

90% blog about brands, 80% customer care, 60% 1/3 approached by brand to be an advocate, didn’t expect it to be that hight #bwe08

avg bogger spent $1000 on their business last year, top 10% earners use many tools and write 81 posts/mo #bwe08

bloggers everywhere in social media and in advertising, 1/4 use 3+ad mechanisms #bwe08

bloggers active web 2.0 consumers, avg. bloggers uses 5 web 2.0 utilities, #bwe08

diverse topics, other =43% that didn’t fit in 20 categories. expertise/experience top reasons to blog – #bwe08

technorati – #bwe08, 2/3 male, 50% 18-34, 52% outside of US, 72% publish in English, spread throughout US

76,000 blogs have technorati authority of 50+ #BWE08

95% of top 100 newspapers have blogs – technorati #bwe08

technorati – blogs=information and influence blogs are media, 77% of ppl on internet read blogs, #bwe08

sitting with @emom in front of @marismith in keynote #bwe08

in opening keynote about 1/2 full starts in about 5 minutes #BWE08

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