Conference Coverage: Using Twitter as Live Blogging Tool

linkedin-answer-blogging-events-twitter Thanks to Peer Lawther for asking this question on LinkedIn: Has anyone used Twitter as a live conference blogging tool, and what were the conclusions you reached as to its suitability? See how everyone answered the question about how to use Twitter as a live conference blogging tool.

Here’s my answer – Peer selected it as the best! 

Hello Peer:

After live-tweeting a few sessions at BlogHer08, I decided to cover every session I could from BlogWorld08. Follow the link in the resource section if you’d like to see the twitter transcripts in blog post format.

To answer your questions . . .

1. Has anyone on here used Twitter in this way and what findings did you arrive at from using it?
Findings – great way to connect with other people at the conference and with your twitter community; works best if these people are on twitter. People who knew I was covering the event promoted my twitter stream both during and after the event. Many speakers appreciated the exposure.

2. Were the reactions positive, what were the negatives (if any; personally I’d say one negative would be the sheer amount of tweets in a short space of time)
Only one tweet came in that made me think: the person asked if they should follow me or not – that could be a positive or a negative comment.
It was challenging to answer people’s replies to me on twitter while I was covering a session, but I tend to be one who captures as much as I can – verbatim. If you paraphrase or summarize, you’ll tweet less and you may have more value. Have to test that one.
Trade-offs: it’s a hassle to haul a heavy laptop around for a few days and outlets might be in short supply so take an adapter with room for several other cords. Yes, you can use a phone and I have a good mobile device, but I like to use a full-size keyboard and a big screen.

3. and is Twitter a tool you’d use in future for conference (micro-)blogging?
Yes, definitely.

4. Finally, is the audience there for this kind of thing?
My followers kind of expect me to send out live tweets now, I think. People in the live audience get to follow the back channel chat on the screen when it’s projected. Those online can also follow live. Archiving the updates as a blog post is a great way to preserve the value long after the conference is over.

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