Twitter Experiment: URLs report hits, visitor stats


Bloggers link a lot. Twitterers may link more.

Twitter shortens long URLs automatically to 25 characters, using tinyurl. chops URLs down to 16 characters, giving you 9 extra spaces on twitter PLUS number of visits and statistics. And, you can trim and tweet and the same time using the interface or bookmarklet.

[Thanks to @carloshernandez for mentioning Laughing Squid’s post about creating super short URLs with statistics. ]

Last night, after @coloneltribune’s tweetup, I sent out tr.ims on twitter to each person I took a picture with. The links went directly to a picture of them in my flickr set. In about 8 hours, I had 75 hits to my flickr site – not bad for overnight visits. Prize for the most responsive twitter community goes to @prsarahevans, whose “twosse” visited the set the most. Here’s a picture of Sarah and me with @jasonfalls. Click on the picture to see @wiredprworks’s [that’s me!] photos from @coloneltribune’s tweetup.

barbara rozgonyi - jason falls - pr sarah evans

I’m most URLs now so I can track the number of visits, source and location. How do you track your referral traffic? Tags: ,,,

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