Super Bowl 2012 Social Intercepts the Game

SuperBowl2012 Indianapolis

The Patriots and Giants will be lining up on the 50 yard line, but the Super Bowl’s MVP – social media, got into the game weeks ago. Here’s a look at what’s going on in the streets and on screens. How has social media affected your Super Bowl experience so far?

Live from Super Bowl Village

With the Super Bowl buzz building to a loud crescendo, I had to see for myself what in the world was going on in Indianapolis. So, I did – on Groundhog’s Day.

In a trip that lasted 10.5 hours, include 7 hours of driving, I experienced first hand the excitement, energy and enthusiasm in the air. Strolling around on a blazingly sunny and unreasonably warm 60 degree day, I encountered a street party that went on for blocks and blocks.

What I most wanted to see, I didn’t get to: a 2,800-square-foot “Super Bowl Social Media Command Center” staffed by folks ready to answer questions coming in via social networks.

I did, however, score a live interview from Radio Row in Super Bowl Village with producer Ted Gregorek.

Super Fast Super Bowl Village Wi-Fi

Ever been to a tech event where you can’t get a signal? Me too. Knowing that thousands of people would want to connect simultaneously, I planned on having a weak signal on the street – not so in Indy. Thanks Verizon!

Superbowl XVLI in Indianapolis will be the first-ever with widespread 4G and WiFi access. Verizon Wireless spent $160 million on cellular technology in Indiana in 2011. Most of the money was spent building new cell towers but some was targeted specifically at upcoming Superbowl XLVI.”

Super Bowl Ads, as seen on TV and . . .

“Running a Super Bowl ad will cost $3.5 million for a 30-second spot, not including production expenses. 80% of Super Bowl ads will feature social and/or mobile app integration.”

“The Washington Post said this year’s game will be the first ‘second screen’ Super Bowl, since advertisers, the football industry and others will all be trying to get your attention via other venues when you’re not focusing on your television.”

Social46 Bands Together to Back Up Super Bowl Host Committee

Thanks to Chris Theisen, for reaching out on behalf of Social 46. According to Jay Baer, also a Social 46 member, this is “a group of social media representatives selected to help make Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis the ‘most connected’ Super Bowl ever.” Jay’s post is required reading for any event organizers considering recruiting social media ambassadors.

Here’s Chris Theisen‘s video tour . . .

Super Bowl Coverage Brought to You by Google, YouTube and the NFL

Check out Google’s Super Bowl Game Day dashboard.

Browse YouTube’s Super Bowl Ad Blitz channel.

Watch the NFL’s Super Bowl coverage via live stream on your mobile device.


How about you – how many screens will you be watching during the game?


Image: copyright 2012 by Barbara Rozgonyi from the Super Bowl XLVI collection, which includes a fun Super Bowl Village zip line video.

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