Meet a Marketing-PR-Publishing Role Model: David Meerman Scott


Forget marketing. Forget PR. Forget being a company. Be. A. Publisher.

That’s the heart of the message David Meerman Scott delivered to a group of trade show and meeting planners at the MeetingTechOnline Summit today.

But, if you’ve read his book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly, you already knew that, didn’t you?

I talk about this guy – a lot. Every single one of our clients has his book. I mention his book every chance I get. I  even selected David’s book as the course guide for The Academy for Not-for-Profit’s Excellence’s strategic marketing course.

David’s blog, Web Ink Now, is one to bookmark.

Meeting David was a big moment for me. It was great to see him speak and get my book signed, but I forgot to thank him for sending out a guest code for complimentary conference registration and for mentioning Wired PR Works [one of over 160 blogs] in The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Twitter Transcript

Here’s a copy of my twitter updates from David’s presentation, ordered from the end to the beginning. Text is as exactly as keyed in with no editing.

how to integrate social media: focus on buyer personas & build out an online media room w/social media links where buyers are @dmscott #mto

tweet about stuff that’s interesting, something you learned, a question somebody asked @dmscott #mto

write news releases to reach buyers who have google alerts, speak directly to the millions of people who read online @dmscott #mto

to a ask question via twitter for @dmscott [David Meerman Scott] use #mto

not playing nice – 3m steals post-in idea won’t pay $2,000 for image rights, play nice in the sandbox @dmscott #mto case study via YouTube, flickr, twitter to get feedback right away via @emcworld @dmscott #mto

use tools for social networking to have an event begin [just wrote about this on wiredprworks about @smcchicago:)] @dmscott #mto

the back button is the 3rd most used web feature – @dmscott #mto

on the web, you are what you publish “The money quote for twitter” @dmscott #mto

grateful dead allowed people to record shows [my husband was one of them] @dmscott is a fan #mto

@dmscott now talking about b2b toilet co’s say no to dirt youtube video 2 million views #mto

case study – Universal studios 1 person told 7 bloggers about Harry Potter theme park reached 350million in 24 hrs @dmscott #mto

consider hiring a journalist – they know how to get the story out there @dmscott #mto

use one word and don’t talk about your product – change, safety & cut the gobbledygook like next generation @dmscott #mto

others people tell and spread your story for you – 7 #mto sign ups w/in 10 mins of @dmscott’s update – I’m one of them 🙂

@dmscott now talking about twitter hastags, NPR’s #votereport, @barackobama told twitter about VP 1st #mto

target your buyer personas & get to know them Don’t think like a marketer, a PR person, a corporation, think like a publisher @dmscott #mto


After signing books, David was off to speak to the National Association of Realtors, one of his biggest audiences ever.

Right now, you can download David Meerman Scott’s free ebook, The New Rules of Viral Marketing.

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