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MarketingSherpa‘s reports feed the marketing student in me. Although the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign granted me my marketing degree years ago, I’ve never given up my fascination with what motivates people to buy. That’s why I love reading and interpreting [insights follow promo clip from] reports like this one . . . 

New MarketingSherpa Research: 4,658 B-to-B Technology Buyers Reveal What Works & What Doesn’t When Marketing to Them

SUMMARY: What really works in B-to-B marketing? MarketingSherpa just asked 4,658 business technology decision makers and influencers (i.e., everyone your marketing has to appeal to) what they think of marketing targeting them. Download this special 21-page PDF report for 6 new practical data charts, featuring surprising stats on:
– Telemarketing cold calling
– Mobile email
– Podcasting

Also includes a new eyetracking heatmap revealing how prospects “see” webinar registration forms. 
While MarketingSherpa’s latest report focuses on technology, I found many eye-poppingly relevant insights for PR people and most any marketer in the 21 page open access .pdf excerpt. The complete edition, priced at $297 packaged with a companion $127 bonus, runs 285 pages.  

Top takeaways .  .  .

Sell to a committee consensus

As the number of participants in the buying process mushrooms, selling to a committee is growing into the biggest roadblock. With an average of 6.8 in companies with 100-500 employees and 21 in companies with over 1000 employees – you better blanket everyone.

Who’s hunting who?

They’re after you: 80% of decision makers say they found the company – the company did not find them. So stay in their sites.

When is open season?

All the time . . . the report recommends high visibility marketing tactics like “public relations [including speeches, blogs, awards and technical articles] so your brand appears wherever prospects are looking and reading” along with client satisfaction campaigns. Why keep hunting when they’ll come after you if you keep them happy?

Does your registration page have a fever?

Heatmaps track eye response to web pages. Make yours hotter by emphasizing the first word, repeating relevant words, using a two-column format and pushing the viewer with polite, but bold suggestions like “Register Now.”

Honey, I Shrunk the Email

Decision makers like to read on the go – 64% open and respond to emails on their mobile device. Can you read your emails on your Blackberry?

Lock In Customer Data

Only 41% of all respondents say they’re doing a good job of floating customer information from the site directly into their CRM system. If they took the time to find you, welcome them in and walk their information right into your database.  Then, stay in touch.

Why not form your own opinion?

Download MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Benchmark Guide 2007-2008, Practical Data for B-to-B Software, Hardware, & Service Marketers.    

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