Perfecting Healthcare Marketing PR for ISHMPR

ISHMPR-Healthcare-Marketing-PROn October 22 and 23, ISHMPR will host its annual Fall Conference where attendees will learn what’s new in healthcare marketing, hear success stories, visit with exhibitors, and network with their peers all in the fun and unique setting of the Discovery Center at the world-famous Brookfield Zoo. The Pinnacle Awards dinner celebration will be held in conjunction with the conference, where winners will be announced. I’m honored to be the event’s keynote healthcare marketing PR speaker.  < source: ISHMPR

Out of all of my company’s creative projects, the healthcare marketing and PR clients we’ve served have been among the most rewarding. Here’s a quick look at a few of my favorites. . .

Marketing and public relations for the world’s largest organ and bone marrow transplant reinsurer, PR and fundraising for Community Nursing Service West, newsletters for a physician’s group, a report on why social media – why now for an industry leader, articles for Nursing Spectrum magazine, sales training for Parke-Davis, social media training for an association’s marketing communications team, a brochure for the American Nurses Association, a digital branding program for dental offices, a webinar for ISHMPR in January, and to go way, way back – PR for Oak Park Hospital, CoryWest Media’s first client.

For more information, or to register, visit the ISHMPR annual conference site. Hope to see you there! Here’s what I’ll be talking about . . .

Marketing and PR Healthcare Keynote

Perfecting PR: How to Quickly Attract Attention, Clicks and Customers for Tomorrow, Today

Barbara Rozgonyi, Principal, CoryWest Media

Discover why PR [Personality + Reputation] is the most underrated, yet most effective strategy you can use to position your healthcare organization as an industry leader quickly, economically, and successfully. Learn why you need to think like a publisher, not a marketer, where to find media contacts and top influencers who are looking for your stories, how to use a success checklist to transform everyday news into top-ranked stories, when to merge your stories with top trends and unlock doors to interviews, where to find free, paid and unexpected PR distribution channels, how to integrate PR into the top social media platforms, and how to use free or low-cost tools to measure your PR and marketing success.

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