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Update 6/14/07

Click on the image above to see the email from Google Alerts for Barbara Rozgonyi telling me about this article. FYI, the date stamp is 17:22:18 – about 3 hours after I wrote the post. Pinging Technorati definitely helps.


Here’s the latest MTN News Ezine Article, written by Barbara Rozgonyi and published by CoryWest Media . . .  

Gaining on Google by Blogging

Snagging Search Results to Dominate Your Market  

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media and Public Relations Expert

Google “your name” and see how many search results show up. Now, Google “your competitors” to see how many times Google’s indexed their name. Who wins? More search results give you a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat.

Boosting your online presence with a high number of Google search results builds your brand and positions you as an expert. You can get to be a Google heavyweight in record time with power blogging. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll be on your way to dominating your market. Read the power blogging ezine article online


Clip from the ezine’s introduction . . .

Recently, a friend who’s a leader in her field asked me: how will people ever know about me or know how to
find me online?

While LinkedIn connects her to the corporate crowd, blogs connects you to the world.

To see how blogs can boost your online visibility profile, here’s a look at then and now in terms of Google search results for yours truly, Barbara Rozgonyi:

Google search results June 2006: 82
Google search results now: 9,870

Other Google search results:
Wired PR Works: 803
CoryWest Media: 1,010
Barbara Rozgonyi + public relations: 769
Barbara Rozgonyi + PR: 763
Barbara Rozgonyi + marketing: 9580

Qualifier: Google search results now includes duplicate references in some cases

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