PR Blog Rankings: Two Blogs Release Latest Standings

Congratulations go out to every PR blogger who made Brendan Cooper and Matthew Watson’s recently released top-ranked PR blog lists.


It Pays to Put PR in the title of your blog

Matthew bases his Top 50 PR blog rankings on the AdAge Power 150. He looks for blogs with PR, Public Relations or Publicity in the title. I admit it, I prefer the PR sound and focus over marketing, although we talk about that here too, don’t we?


Continually Refining and Measuring PR Blog Popularity

This time Brendan welcomes these new PR blogs to the PR Friendly Index: Socialized PR, Flacks Revenge, PR Media Blog, From PR to Eternity, Beyond the Hype and Observations of PR. As usual, Brendan breaks out a new tool or two to measure something different. See how Brendan suggests measuring your brand’s social media visibility





Your Turn

What top 50 list could you publish on an ongoing basis?


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