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For most bloggers, conventional wisdom says that Stumbleupon traffic is good to spike your numbers, but not so good at holding attention. Usually, I agree.

Typically, my Stumbleupon traffic has a bounce rate of 70% or higher, which means that most people glanced at my blog and clicked onto something else with ten seconds.

In analyzing my recent traffic from my top five referring sources via Google Analytics, I found that Stumbleupon came in first for number of pages per visit, average time on site, percentage of new visits and even had the lowest overall bounce rate: 30%.

Here’s the information that’s in the image taken from Google Analytics. You’ll notice that number of visits is missing; data removed to keep you guessing. 🙂

Referring Site SourcePages/VisitAverage Time on Site% New VisitsBounce

How did this happen? All I can think of is: relevant content and interesting layout, but I really don’t know.

Your Turn

What sites send you the most qualified traffic? Do you give Stumbleupon a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

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