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Looking for tips on how to be a radio show guest and get free publicity?  Here’s the short answer: you need two things- a hot topic and a station. This post previews my upcoming interview with Mary-Lynn and George on the Bigg Success Show. Bigg Success is the how-to, can-do place for people on the move.

Before my interview, I listened to Mary-Lynn and George interview Seth Godin about his new book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

In the interview, Seth says:

“A tribe is a group of people that are connected by a common goal, a common language, and common rituals. Usually they have a leader and a movement – they’re trying to make something happen.”

Being on the radio is one way to reach your tribe and make something happen – as a leader who represents your tribe’s movement. It’s not all about building credibility and influence for you, it’s about representing, listening and responding to the voice of your people.

To prepare for the call, I drafted this outline – try replacing target prospect with tribe profile in your marketing plans.

Goal: become a regularly featured expert on a few high profile radio shows whose audience demographic matches your target prospect. tribe’s profile. Start out by being a guest – and work your way into being a show host.

Two Things You Need to be a Radio Guest: Hot Topic + Station

3 Ways to find Hot Topics: news, trends, talk – to find them, change into a . . . 

Newsmaker – see what’s making news and quote sources

Trend-setter – research what’s hot, where

Talk-tracker – see who’s talking about what and where

Turn to twitter’s search engine to search for your tribe’s hot topics in real time.

Tuning Into Your Audience: Getting on the Air

3 Steps to Stations: list, listen, connect

When the interview is up, I’ll be back to post a link.

Your Turn

How does your tribe use the radio to communicate?

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