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When I heard about the free Solutions Stars video conference  that’s coming up this week, I knew you would want to know more about it. This post covers details, highlights from the sneak preview, what I like about this concept and wraps up with suggestions on how you, too, can produce an event like this.

Video Conference Solutions Stars Details

Who: 32 online business and marketing leaders chatting with people like you

Registration: none required, free to attend

Hosts: Social Media Swami Shashi Bellamkonda@+ and Now Is Gone Author Geoff Livingston@

What: Internet Broadcast via Oovoo 

When: October 29 from 1-3:30p.m. EST

Where: Solutions Stars Video Conference

Why: Learn about and share ways social media can benefit small businesses and entrepreneurs

For updates, check out Solutions Stars Video Conference event pages on Facebook and Upcoming. Track Solution Stars talk on twitter #solutionstars

Online Marketing Content Areas Covered

  • Building Web Presence
  • The Social Opportunity
  • Start with Listening
  • Strategy Drives Outreach
  • You Need Social Networks
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
  • Visibility Through Search
  • Rising Above the Noise
  • Time Demands

Online Small Business and Entrepreneur Speaker Line Up

Here’s the list of speakers. I watched the Solutions Stars video teaser and and pulled out highlight notes for each of the featured speakers. Then, I developed a code for the ways I know the speakers: *heard them speak at a conference, @follow on twitter and +met in person. 

Key = * heard them speak, @follow on twitter, +met them in person

Whether or not you take the time to watch , you can learn something from the Solutions Stars video conference concept.

What I like about this concept . . .

Channel: Video and live discussions with small business and marketing experts

There’s something about watching these people speak about their passion that engages and intrigues – me, anyway. Reading blogs is one thing. While most of the people interviewed publish top-notch information, seeing them and hearing them talk about what they do validates the relationship and information exchange in a way that reading alone can’t match.

Format: Essential insights about how to be successful online

When you’re doing a brief interview, you have to focus on the key points. There’s no time to set up a story, show some slides or take questions. What you watch is an executive summary in action, basically a line up of interviews that took place at a conference where everyone was excited about sharing their views.

Process: Various viewpoints and consolidation of business thought

Each person brings their own expertise and while they may all agree on an approach, they would probably all interpret and design strategies in their own way. It’s worth taking some time to select a group of experts to follow. Get to know them and find out why they think what they do. Read their book. Take it with you to a conference where they’re speaking. Ask them to sign it and give them a written testimonial about how their book changed your life. Follow them on twitter and become an active participant in their twitter community.

Action: Take steps to online business success

Each expert presents ideas for how to achieve small business success. The key to making them work is to take action. Study how they have become successful: read their works, follow their ideas and see how they’ve achieved influence.

Suggestions if you decide to host an event like this on your own . . .

Name your event – choose a name that attracts attention and buy the domain name right away. Try to avoid confusion with another event or business that has a similar domain name.

Set a date for delivery and write your strategic marketing plan. Then, stick to it.

Schedule video interviews with leaders at a conference you’ll all be attending; mix well-known names with people who might not be as well-known, but are as, if not more, successful. Think: case studies. You can also video people who represent the biggest challenges and have your speakers respond to them.

Buy Google AdWords for the name of your conference and the top speakers to run a few weeks before and a week after.

Distribute a news release for the event and give each speaker a template for their own release.

Collect a database to build a community around the topic.

Title each speaker’s presentation.

Make videos available online after the conference.

Your Turn

If you could ask any of these experts a question who would you ask about what?

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