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One of the reasons I love being a blogger is: I get to communicate with other bloggers online whenever I want. But, meeting up in person sometimes takes some doing. When I got a personal invitation from Wendy Piersall to attend a ladies night out event, I replied immediately – I’ll be there!

Thanks so much to Wendy Piersall, CEO of SparkPlugging, Epson and Barbara Jones of the One2One Network for hosting a fabulous night out on Lake Shore Drive! I met Wendy and Liz Strauss of Successful Blog at BlogHer07 in Chicago – and am so happy we’ve stayed in touch! In this picture, Karen Putz, who writes Deaf Mom joins us, it’s always so good to see Karen.

What a nice surprise to see Deb DiSandro and Dianne Morr, two friends from the National Speakers Association’s Illinois Chapter. Each accomplished speakers, they’re both going to start a blog.
I feel like such a slacker; many of the women I met write for several sites. I’m happy to introduce them to you, too.
New blogging connections for me include Jessica Ashley, Kim from Accidental Mommies, Lisa Martin and Kim Moldofsky. 

This is the kind of event that works so well on so many levels . . .

  • presenting products: we got to see the new Epson 600 printer in action [my first comment? what’s that sexy thing over there? I really thought the printer was some kind of high-end stereo component] it’s fast, wireless and amazing at making gorgeous prints – I love the picture of me and Liz I got to take home
  • pictures, pictures, pictures, from a pro photographer like Beth Fletcher, who blogs at I Should Be Folding Laundry
  • networking in a relaxed setting that allows for extended conversations
  • connecting authors, readers and subjects in new ways – I found out about new blogs, new markets and new opportunities
  • extending community with a memorable event that everyone will recall [and probably write about!]
  • highlighting sponsors who get visibility with event promotion and goody bags items, many shipped out in response to a HARO request

Maybe the biggest benefit of all – to me – was feeling like I am, indeed, part of a much, much bigger community. Even though Wired PR Works is not a “mommy blog,” I am a mother of three teens who writes a blog. Many of my readers may be parents. We are all part of one community; finding new places to meet and share stories makes us that much closer. 

Your Turn

How do you connect your virtual and real worlds?

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