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How unusual – my second post of the day with a recommendation for something that makes you and your business better. Interested in becoming a Teleseminar Secrets [link goes to my affiliate site] student? Here’s my story – and my offer to give you $450 to take the course, along with $697 in other bonuses.  But, you don’t have to buy in yet – just listen to the Teleseminar Secrets preview call for $20 before December 9, 2007.

In November 2006, I first mentioned Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets on this blog and heavily promoted the program to my ezine subscribers.


Let’s go back to the beginning. Make that December 2005 . . . can you remember two years ago?

Follow me, I know the way. Surely you remember going to the best of the last of the 2005 movies – King Kong and Brokeback Mountain ring a bell?

Now, do you know where you 24 months ago?

I do. I was – not – into Internet marketing or thinking of myself as much of an expert in anything when along comes my friend Jenny who emails me to let me know I should be taking a course from some guy she knows named Alex. And, by the way it costs $1800. “But not for you,” she says because “I’ll split my commission. And, I’ll have a study group to keep you on track.”

So began my fate-full decision to become an Alex Mandossian student. I dropped out of book group; played Alex live on my speaker phone; learned how to market and host a teleseminar and even offered free teleseminar marketing and production to 200 of my closest colleagues. Thankfully, only one took me up on it. 

My first teleseminar, “How to Transform Your Company Into a Customer Magnet,” become my ethical bribe in exchange for an email opt-it for over a year. In January, I produced Ultimate PR Secrets, a virtual PR event.  

Part coach, part professor, part long-distance mastermind colleague, Alex is one of the best teachers and marketers I know. After I went through TSS, I bought into many other continuing education programs. Finding someone with Alex’s skill, finesse and dedication to his students’ success is genuinely refreshing. And, once you become a TSS student, you are a teleseminarian for life.

Last year, my blog was one of a handful that promoted or mentioned TSS.

Although searches for Telseminar Secrets wind up here, this is my first 2008 promo post. Considering the doors close tomorrow, I’m on the late[r] side. I’m struggling with keeping a balance between information and promotional blogging.

Speaking of blogging, in last night’s TSS preview call, it was clear the host himself is a big blogger:  Alex Mandossian’s blog.

Last night Alex said he was into dialogue. The lines went dead for a few minutes after he opened them for comments from callers. An early blip in an otherwise flawless call, Alex used the line drop as proof that engaging callers is important. Engaging readers is important, too and that’s why he uses so much video on his blog.

Beyond the move into blogging, my other big takeaway from last night’s call is Alex’s suggestion that the marketing funnel isn’t working. I agree with him when he says he’d rather have 10 $2000 students than 200 $10 ebook buyers. When you take away the ladder, funnel or whatever you call it and let the buyers buy in where they want, everyone wins. Why make someone buy in sequences when they want to start at the top? Do you agree? What do you think?

Oh . . . here’s my 2008 Teleseminar Secrets bonus offer:

– $450 rebate [50% of the affilate commission]

– 8 hours of Ultimate PR Secrets master recordings, valued at $397

– 1 hour of teleseminar marketing coaching, valued at $300

To claim your bonuses, you have to buy TSS through my affiliate site at and then email a copy of your receipt to connect AT corywestmedia DOT com

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