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In checking my blog stats today, I found eight incoming links from KeywordSpy [affiliate link].  While it’s flattering that someone, make that anyone, would want to know what keywords I’m bidding on, at first it was a bit unnerving.

Who would want to know how I advertise?

Whoever you are, thank you. In researching myself, I found my top competition from Down Under. But, my campaign isn’t set to reach Australia. And, that’s the only country you can check on with the free trial.

To get complete access to every country, ad copy and top competitors for pay per click keywords, you’ll need to pay $89.00 per month. Considering that a small business owner who attended my blogging for entrepreneurs presentation last month pays at least twice that every day, $89.00 for a month can save you tons time, mounds of wasted effort and at least $89.00 in PPC charges.

If that’s too big for your budget, you do have a lower cost option.

SpyFu, another competitive keyword intelligence tool gives you three days of complete access for under $7. While SpyFu’s results may be a bit dated, you will get information on who’s bidding on what, the average pay per click and even actual ads – for free. Maybe their subscription service is fresher.

Why do you need to know about keywords if you don’t ever plan to run a pay per click [PPC] campaign?

Think of keywords as search terms. Find the most popular and weave them into your blog, your site and your news releases so that you’ll show up in search results – right along side the ads you’re not paying for.

One reason to buy PPC ads is to make sure you pop up on top in mobile searches. As more and more phones morph into mobile search devices, you’ll want to be on top and be found right away.

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