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Direct Aim PR: Circling Your Target 

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Whenever you set out to achieve a goal, it helps to have a target. Whether you’re looking for more media coverage, new prospects or repeat buyers, use these five guides to help you hit your bull’s-eye. The more you refine your answers, the more likely you are to attract your perfect clients.


Target Location Where do they live or log in from? Is it easier for you to have them come to you or for you to go to them? The most granular measure is zip code, but even having a county or a major metropolitan area is a start.


B2B or B2C? Is business to business your route? If so, select a few categories and focus on them. Targeting consumers? Begin shaping the profile and look for crossover opportunities from business to business to consumer, especially in terms of partnerships.


Research Contact Preference Build your marketing around where your audience lives, works and reads. Test out several communication channels to see which one is the most effective: email, direct mail, website.


Build Buyer Categories Divide your targets into current clients, prospects and the community-at-large. Develop a communication plan for each of them that meets their needs for more information that leads to a relationship with you.

Refine Target Profiles

Take a look back at your very best clients over the past few years. Rank them by a set of meaningful characteristics such as demographics, buying patterns and personality. Sketch out three or four target buyer outlines. Look for prospects who match. Don’t be afraid to turn down misfits. Stick to your target and watch your business grow.

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