8 Social Media Marketing Ideas Inspired by “The Artist”

oscars best motion picture "the Artist" 2012Winner of five Academy Awards, including best picture, director and actor, “The Artist” is the first silent film win an Oscar® since 1929.  Check out eight social media marketing ideas inspired by the movie.

1. Actions speak louder than words

“He’s all talk and no action.” Does this sound like anyone you know? This film takes the dialogue away and replaces it with action set to a soundtrack. The friend who first recommended this movie to me, whose first language is not English,  liked it because language skills were not necessary to enjoy the movie. How do you use actions in your business?

2. Listening is overrated

Because there’s no dialogue in a silent movie, you don’t have to listen to follow the story. At a recent social media event, an hour passed with no one mentioning listening. When we got to the questions section, someone noted that the panel hadn’t mentioned listening. Isn’t listening important? Of course, but it’s not the only strategy you need to be successful.

3. Get a dog in on the act

Uggie the dog, who was much more than an adorable canine sidekick in the movie, made it onto the stage and had his own coverage throughout the season. Check out two examples of how to bring dogs into blogs: Why Asking Permission is for the Dogs [featuring a French bulldog] and 7 Things Service Dogs Know About Social Media [featuring a Texas pug].

4. Think local, reach global

Even though this movie was filmed entirely on location in Hollywood, today the Chicago Tribune reported pride sweeps France over wins for “The Artist.” Why? Their people made the movie and Jean Dujardin accepted the first best actor win for a Frenchman. It’s even better when people in two countries can celebrate a win.

5. Make a comeback

George Valentin, the lead character, was a movie star who fell out of favor, but he came back. Set popularity aside and go for visibility with close connections. Social media is not about fandom, it’s about relationships.

6. Take a risk

Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood executive who brought a black-and-white silent film from France and saw it win five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, described “The Artist” as a million-to-one shot that celebrates risk-taking. How do you know when you’re playing it too safe?

7. Go retro

In a day when 3D is all the rage, who would think a black and white silent movie with a soundtrack would be a top contender? One simple way to go retro is to use filters in instagram.

8. Make people joyful

When people feel good, they like to talk about it. People enjoy sharing happiness and joy. Quotes and pictures bring out emotions. Please share yours in the comment section.

Photo Caption: Oscar®-winning director Michel Hazanavicius, accepts the award for Best Motion Picture of the Year during the live ABC Television Network broadcast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards® from the Hollywood and Highland Center, in Hollywood, CA, Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Let’s talk! Which one of these insights stands out for you?

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